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P25 WorldWide Net

P25 WorldWide Net


Pennsylvania Radio Amateurs Net. A statewide DMR Net

Pennsylvania Radio Amateurs Net.

A statewide DMR Net will be held at 8pm Pennsylvania time.

DMR Brandmeister TalkGroup 3142 on Tuesday Evening

PA Statewide (3142) has a DMR Net on Tuesday Evenings at 8PM EST.

Canada DMR Net VE3ORF 3730 Group

The VE3ORF / 3730 Group has been around for over 10 years. They claim to have a goal to help promote the use of Amateur Radio. They have a belief to promote the hobby (Service) by being very active in just about every aspects of it.   Digital Technology, SSB nightly nets, repeater use, weak signal vhf SSB, AM, QRO, QRP etc.

The groups focus is on both Technical and Social aspects while exploring the many opportunities Amateur Radio has to offer.

You can find VE3ORF 3730 Tuesday Weekly NET at 9:00 PM ET and on the repeater system VE3ORF located In beautiful downtown Ottawa.   They offer 3 Digital Long Range Repeaters and a 220 MHZ Digital Repeater Gateway.

February 27 was a fantastic Canada DMR Net by Margaret  KA1BZE as the Net Control from VE3ORF 3730.

I was hoping to check-in and commend to Margaret on her fantastic job.  Please convey to her on behalf of myself VE3WZW ANDRE how I felt she did a great job.
DMR Net list -

We are over joyed,  keep it going.
VE3WZW Andre

Amateur HAM Radio Net List - Link here

Amateur HAM Radio Net List -

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Fusion Net list -

DMR Brandmeister Worldwide Net - Talkgroup 91 Net

DMR Brandmeister Worldwide Net - Talkgroup 91 Net

Saturday’s @ 1700 UTC (1600 DST).

DMR-Brandmeister Worldwide Talkgroup (TG 91).

About and Purpose :
The DMR-Brandmeister Worldwide Net is held weekly Saturday on the DMR-Brandmeister network to test the connectivity and linking of repeaters world wide under stressed volumes.  It is intended as a global forum for discussing news, information and developments related to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) DMR-Brandmeister. This net is open to all ham radio operators with a DMR capable radio and can be accessed via any DMR repeaters that are connected to the DMR-Brandmeister Worldwide talk group (TB#91).

Embry Riddle WX Balloon Launch with SharkRF OpenSpot - Post Event Discussion

Six Shooters ARC - San Diego
Presentation August 21, 2017

Occurred June 10, 2017
Embry Riddle OpenSPOT In Near Space Post Event Discussion.

If YouTube video available will post link.

Gene Swiech WB9COY will present his high altitude balloon payload which included a DMR OpenSPOT transmitting on 439.000MHz. The payload was launched from Emery Riddle University in Prescott Arizona as part of the NASA Eclipse project. Other accepts of the payload included a 5GHz down link and an APRS GPS reporting sytem. The OpenSPOT with only 20mW of power was easily heard 30 miles down range. The openSPOT also was able to access the internet allowing hams across the country to connect to the payload. This was accomplished via the 5GHz downlink.

Time permitting Gene will also demonstrate how the OpenSPOT can be used via the AREDN broadband ham net system using a Raspberry PI server. Two OpenSPOT modules will be connected via the AREDN system and a completely off the grid contact will be made using the two OpenSPOT modules severed by the Raspberry PI.

Brandmeister Enhancements

Good afternoon, everyone.
The past 36 hours have brought forth some great enhancements in the performance and operation of Master Server 3103, and refinements to 3102 and 3108.
The GPS reporting functionality is now operating perfectly, and the links for APRS Location posting have been fine tuned.  If you have a BrandMeister supported GPS radio (Motorola, Hytera, etc) than all should be functioning perfectly now.

Getting the APRS connections refined and tuned has made it possible for APRS Messaging to be enabled across the BM USA Servers.  3102, 3103, and 3108 now all support "APRS Messaging  from radio to phone, phone to radio, radio to radio, and phone to phone." We've tested it also with a number of things such as WxBot, and find it to perform much better than we expected.  Check the BM Wiki for info on how to use it, if you are not already familiar.

The BrandMeister USA Shark RF IP Protocol Server is now fully tested and available from our high speed server farm in Chicago.  We will be releasing more information on that in days to come, but we feel that it too is a fun facility and perhaps a valuable resource for many with the SharkRF openSPOT's who would like to implement a more private network of their own.

As we continue on with the standardization ......

TAC-311 Net August 6

TAC 311 1111 Group - 6 August 2017

The gathering:

KB3YBT - Partick, FL
W5JXN - John, AR
KE0NXU - Nick, MN
K3ACE- Norm, DE
KA1GMN - Phil, TX  - Game Show Host


What are the popular talk groups?

  311 - Home of the the 311 1111 "This thing of ours"

  3100 - The busies talk group.  Someone is on 24 X 7.
  TAC 3 AKA TG 8953 - Technical QSOs

  31665 -  Relatively new talk group dedicated to helping
  operators out with their DMR system.  This talk group is also
   linked to Wires-X.

Introduction to Reflectors
  How to connect.
  How to disconnect.
  Check reflector connection status.
  Reference:  TG 3100  - An Alternative Access Method ( in "Files" section)

Brandmeister and ARPS
  No definitive answers on this one.  Those interested stated they had more investigation to do.

Phil de KA1GMN

DMR BrandMeister Hytera Net #31089

DMR BrandMeister Hytera Net #31089
- Swapshop

Hytera Network "Hytera Net"
TG- 31089 TS-1
(Hytera BrandMeister Net - Every Thursday @ 19:30 hrs PT)

Host ::  Ryan
Host :: Terry  NX7R

DMR-MARC Worldwide Net TG#1

DMR-MARC Worldwide Net
DMR-MARC Worldwide Net About and Purpose

Saturday’s @ 1700 UTC (1600 DST).

DMR-MARC Worldwide Talkgroup (TG 1).

The DMR-MARC Worldwide Net is held weekly Saturday on the DMR-MARC network to test the connectivity and linking of repeaters world wide under stressed volumes.  It is intended as a global forum for discussing news, information and developments related to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) DMR-MARC (Motorola Amateur Radio Club). This net is open to all ham radio operators with a DMR capable radio and can be accessed via any DMR repeaters that are connected to the DMR-MARC Worldwide talk group (TB#1).

DMR-Marc Canada DMR Net TG#302

Canada DMR Net - Amateur HAM Radio

About and Purpose
DMR Trans CANADA net
DMR-Marc network :: Talkgroup 302

Every Sunday Nights @ 9:00PM (21:00) EDT or
3:00AM (3:00) UTC = 3:00 UTC Previous Day Toronto Time


TinyURL was created! DMRNET

The intended purpose of the Net are as follows:

Purpose of this Net (testing connectivity of DMR Repeaters Canada and access for the operators)
  • Community. Create a sense of community and to promote diversity within Canada;
  • Education. Act as a catalyst for education & learning and to promote the growth of ham radio as a hobby;
  • Communications. Provide an alternate means of communications in the event of an emergency or natural disaster across Canada.
All attendees of the Net are asked and are highly encouraged to support the above objectives.

VE3WZW Andre

Texas Statewide Brandmeister TG 3148 Net

Texas Statewide Brandmeister TG3148 Net

Texas Statewide Net on DMR - TG 3148 NET CHECK-IN
A DMR Brandmeister Net on the Talkgroup number 3148

Please join us. Web Check-Ins will start one hour prior to TG3148 Net starting and remain open throughout the Net.

Net officially starts at 7PM Central Daylight Time, 00:00 UTC.

All ham operators with DMR ID should use the following form to retrieve required info to check into the TG3148 Net.

Net is held every Tuesday night of the year (including holidays) and has been very popular.
Net officially starts at 7PM Central Time, 00:00 UTC.   Your Net Control is Russ - KB5RAB

CQ Canada Fusion net

CQ Canada Fusion net
The net takes place every Wednesday evening starting at 6 PM in the Pacific, 9 PM Eastern, 10 PM Atlantic time zones and all time zones in between. So that is 0200 UTC. (0100 UTC daylight savings).


Trans-Canada IRLP Net IRLP Node 9013

Trans-Canada IRLP Net IRLP Node 9013

The Cross Canada IRLP Net takes place every Wednesday morning starting at 1600 GMT (0800 PST) on node 9013. It generally lasts about an hour and starts in British Columbia and runs across the country to Nova Scotia. They welcome checkins from anywhere, not just Canada. So join in any Wednesday morning! Guy Costanzo, VA7G AC, Vancouver, BC

TransCanada Net via IRLP Node 9013 each Wednesday morning at 8am PDT.   Anyone can bring up the net on your local repeater/area from all across Canada.

Insomniac Net

Insomniac Net
The Insomniac Net is held every night of the year (including holidays) and has been very popular for over 26 years. Each night there is a different net control operator. Generally, they have three or four trivia questions with 2 multiple choice answers. Roll call of the regular night owl members is called, then a special call for visitors and guests is presented.
Our website is at

WIN System - The Dean Family

Great Lakes Maritime Mobile Net

Great Lakes Maritime Mobile Net
We are a Good Samaritan, weekend HF SSB and VHF amateur radio net for all mariners on the Great Lakes. We also operate each weekend day (both Saturdays and Sundays) April 1st to Oct 31st on channel 9619 at 10:30 ET. Please see our website for more information.

WIN System Tech Net

WIN System Tech Net
Hosted by Shorty K6JSI and friends. Technical questions on amatuer radio and VoIP will be answered with down-to-earth easy to understand answers, as best as possible. With perhaps a little humor thrown in for good measure.  A good learning experience…. especially for the newcomers.

The Technet

The Technet
The Technet on the Vancouver reflector 9008 with IRLP and EchoLink(VAN-IRLP, 256919) connectivity is held every Friday evening EST. The net is hosted by Reg Bagshaw, VK6BQQ/VE3BQQ who moved a few years ago from Burlington, ON to Jandakot, Western Australia. The net started out locally in Hamilton as a fairly technical net, but with the move to IRLP and Echolink has evolved into a general information net. Or as Reg likes to say when soliciting check-ins “Please come with your ICQ for the net” (Information, Comments and Questions). The net has been in continuous operation for more than 8 years and is coming up on the 500 episode.

Worldwide Friendship Net

Worldwide Friendship Net
The World Wide Friendship Net takes place daily at 10:00 AM Eastern time on IRLP reflector 9251, which is cross linked to Echolink node 479886. A normal net consists of more than 30 repeaters from all over the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Japan and Australia. The net is for all licensed radio amateurs that have access to the reflector node and to make new friends from all points of the compass. The net runs for 90 minutes (10:00AM to 11:30AM Eastern daily).
Please join us and we’ll see you daily on IRLP/Echolink nodes 9251/479886

DMR Nets

DMR Nets

TAC310, TG310, Sundays at 8 PM EDT

New England Wide, TG3181, DMR-MARC Mondays at 8 PM EDT
Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut
Monday 8pm EST the New England Wide Talk Group 3181 on all New England, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia repeaters and for the 1st time, access from the DMR+ network, Reflector 4641 New England. Use your openSpots, DVMega and MMDVMs for access to DMR+


BARS Fusion Net

The BARS Fusion Net is held Monday nights at 7:30 CST (0130 UTC Tuesday, 0030 UTC Summer time) in WiRES-X Room #21493 and on the MNWIS repeaters. The net is open to anyone interested.

List of Fusion Nets Updated 12-Mar-2017
(please send updates to info at ham operator dot com)

Arizona State Reflector Channel

Arizona State Reflector Channel
Western reflector 9255 has been officially assigned by Kent W7AOR, as the “Arizona State” reflector channel. This channel will be utilized for coordination of Near Space helium balloon launches carrying amateur radio television and cross band FM repeaters, a planned amateur radio swap net, and for in-state emergency communications nets.

Loyalist City Amateur Radio Club (LCARC)

Loyalist City Amateur Radio Club (LCARC)
This is a weekly club net held at 8 p.m. local (Atlantic Time) on the VE1EE repeater (IRLP Node 2009). There is a designated Net Controller for each net. The purpose of opening this to a Reflector is to allow club members who are traveling abroad to participate in our weekly net. Although this is a Club net, visitors are welcome. The Net runs from 8 p.m. until 9 p.m. but sometimes shorter depending on the number of check-ins. Net Control can be referred to as VE9LC, the Club call sign. Our website is


Our net is hosted by Dick K2RIW for the last 20 years on our repeater. There have been over 2000 nets on the 146.85 repeater. Past nets can be heard at and our local web site for the club is Dick has a long history in amateur radio as he is developer of the K2RIW kilowatt amps for 2 meters and 70cm. Dick decoded audio during the Apollo missions to the moon. We have a weekly NASA update and letters from listeners. Subjects range from simple electronics to complex antenna theory. We have been know to explain how many other things (like home appliances, auto engines, chemistry .etc) function.
Have a listen to our nets from the amateurradio site and I think you might find it enjoyable!
Net time is Eastern, Sunday 20:00 every weekend
Net runs until 23:00 but sometimes till 00:00
Net on Node 9126

Sunday Night Wild Card Net

Sunday Night Wild Card Net
The Sunday Night Wild Card Net is sponsored by the Fraser Valley Amateur Radio Emergency Services Society (FVARESS) who operates the Sumas Amateur Radio Network (SARN).The net is non-technical in nature and radio friendship oriented.
Net control is Verna, VE7NM.
The purpose of this net is to test our ARES Communications Systems. The repeater used is VE7RVA, 146.610 Mhz -600 (110.9 CTCSS). This repeater is located in the heart of the Fraser Valley,BC.
During the net we will link to the interior of BC via Vernon IRLP node 1055.

Elmira (Ontario) Radio Club – Daily IRLP Net (VE3ERC)

Elmira (Ontario) Radio Club – Daily IRLP Net (VE3ERC)
The Elmira Radio Club hosts a daily net that starts at 08:15 AM Eastern and last for about an hour on the IRLP/EchoLink nodes 9669/412778. The net was designed as an information net for Club Members and Club Friends. And with more and more members travelling, it was decided to add the Micro-Node Reflector to the net to allow those travellers and remote users to access the net via IRLP and Echolink. The net is available to any HAM that can access the reflecter and checkins from far and wide are encouraged. So please check us out and spend some time with us.
The Elmira Radio Club Wednesday night net takes place at 20:30 Eastern on the same reflector IRLP/EchoLink nodes 9669/412778.

Upstate NY Fusion NET

Upstate NY HAM Radio News & Information
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fusion NET and other Fusion updates

Tuesday March 28, 2017 at 8PM, there will be a Fusion NET on the 145.29 W2XRX repeater (Canadice, NY) in Wires-X room #21704.

The purpose will be to discuss Fusion news, equipment, Wires-X, tips, etc.  Check-ins are encouraged from all CNY/WNY Fusion stations.

The WN8Z 147.39 Fusion repeater in Fulton will also have access to this NET. All you Fusion folks should check it out.

The mode will be digital narrow "DN".

State of Nevada ARES/RACES Net

State of Nevada ARES/RACES Net
The net meets Thursday 7 pm Pacific Time on EchoLink *NV-GATE* Conference Node 152566 and IRLP Reflector 9258 which are linked together 24/7 to allow Echo link and IRLP nodes to communicate. These channels may be used in the event of a disaster to link communicators together. The VoIP provides another means for local response personnel to communicate.


This is a training net when weather permits. This net also can be started by stations in the effected area when weather Warnings or Watches are enacted by the National Weather Service, the National Severe Storm Lab and the National Hurricane Center. IRLP Reflector 9210 will be used to link repeaters in the affected areas and will act as net control reflector. This linking of these repeaters will give the local National Weather Service Offices around the country and the world a quick and immediate contact with amateur radio SKYWARN Spotters.
More information available at

220 MHz “Rag Chewers” Net

220 MHz “Rag Chewers” Net
It is every Wednesday evening at 8:30 PM Mountain Time on reflector 9221. The net was mainly started to encourage 220 Mhz operation here in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area. For the past couple of years, we have linked the net to IRLP and have been having lots of fun simply “rag chewing”, as the name implies and, hopefully getting more people on 220 locally, which we have been successful at doing! Having several other states check in has been a bonus. If anyone connects to the reflector, they will be dumping out on the 224.480 repeater in Rio Rancho, which serves the Albuquerque area. It has been very successful so far and would like to grow it even more.

Manitoba IRLP Wednesday Net

Manitoba IRLP Wednesday Net
This net is held every Wednesday evening at 9:00PM EST, Thursday 0100 UTC on Reflector 9611. We welcome check ins from all over the globe.  Net control is VE4MGR

Hilltop Bulletin

Hilltop Bulletin
Active ARRL Bulletin Station since 1974 on FM Repeaters in Rochester & Wewstern New York area, Dwight K2KWK runs the Hilltop Bulletin every Tuesday night from Sodus Point. The bulletin service includes amateur radio and ARRL news, including upcoming events for the NY – PA Region. The net takes place 8 P.M. local (Eastern) time on Reflector 9055. The contact for this net is Matt, K2EAG. Our website is
Listen live: (full time stream)

World Paranormal Net

World Paranormal Net
The purpose of this net is to give Amateur Radio Operators from all over the world a venue to elaborate upon and explore their interactions and experiences with all things Paranormal. Ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, and anything else that can’t be explained with Natural and Scientific Methods as well as the role that Radio Technology played in Paranromal Research is explored and discussed. This net meets every Tuesday at 9:00pm Eastern on Reflector 9251 with Net Controller Dave Larcombe (KD2KVZ). Dave is Director of Atlantic County Paranormal in Southern New Jersey, and has over 25 years experience in the many fields of Paranormal Research including Parapsychology, UFOlogy, and Cryptozoology.

CNIB Cross Canada Net

CNIB Cross Canada Net (Canadian National Institute for the Blind)
The CNIB runs this net weekly at 1900 Eastern on the IRLP/Echolink reflector nodes 9008/256919. It is designed to link hams with vision loss across Canada and around the world. The net also welcomes all hams interested in the activities CNIB.

North American Handshakers Net

North American Handshakers Net
A new Tuesday night net has started called “The North American Handshakers Net” every Tuesday night at 10pm Eastern time. There will be four net controllers alternating from week to week. They are Harold, K5MES (Fort Smith, AR), Matt, N9GMR (Port Orange, FL), Alexia, KE7UWU (Portland, OR) and Jodi, KE7WYK (Roy, UT).

Saskatchewan Net

Saskatchewan Net
The Saskatchewan 2-meter net is held every weekday evening at 9pm Central time.
It is for both IRLP connections and standard repeaters. There are several different net controllers and the net is held on Reflector 9300.

Westcoast Amateur Radio Association Net

Westcoast Amateur Radio Association Net
The Westcoast Amateur Radio Association, Node 1030, Victoria BC, has a weekly Net on Reflector 9005, Monday nights at 1900 Hrs local time.
( Email me directly at for info.  Club information, local news, check-ins, swap and shop.

Ontario SATERN Net

Ontario SATERN Net
This is to announce that SATERN in Canada has it’s first established IRLP Net. The Ontario SATERN IRLP Net, which can be accessed by linking your local IRLP repeater to reflector 9032. The net will run from 21:00 – 22:00– Eastern time. Stations who may not be able to check in through IRLP, can also check into the 80 metre net 3.743 Mhz (+ or – interference), also at 2100 Eastern.
All Ontario SATERN members are encouraged to check into the net, but all SATERN members are welcome to check in, in order to assist in building SATERN in Canada.

Amateur Radio Information Net

Amateur Radio Information Net
The Amateur Radio Information Net runs on reflector 9102 via node 7534 on Monday evenings at 7 PM Central Time. I run Amateur Radio Newsline, the RAIN Report and ARRL Audio News. I take checkins and comments before I start the program, in between each program and at the end of the last program.

Training Information & Public Service (TIPS) Net

Training Information & Public Service (TIPS) Net
TIPSNET TIPSNET meets every TUESDAY at 7:00 PM local time (0000 UTC) on many linked repeaters throughout New England and New York state – local access is through the 147.505 Repeater (Input 146.505 PL 77.0). National and International connections are welcome on the *NEW-ENG* Conference Server via EchoLink. TIPSNET is also available on IRLP on the New England Reflector Node# 9123.

Guam International Net

Guam International Net
The Guam International Net originates out of Node 3672 from the Island of Guam on Monday’s 0900 UTC (early Monday morning in North America). Net control is by the Marianas Amateur Radio Club and everyone from around the Pacific and World is invited to join in.

RailHam Net

RailHam Net
The IRLP RailHam Net is an informal on-air gathering of hams who are railfans; that is, they enjoy railroads as a hobby. Whether they build model train layouts, expand their photo collections of prototype trains, or research the history of their favorite railroad, or rebuild historic locomotives, it’s a great way to discuss railroads with other hams across the U.S. and Canada via IRLP.

Disaster Communicators Forum (DCF)

Disaster Communicators Forum (DCF)
This forum is for those who recognize the need to share information: lessons learned, preparedness planning and disaster relief coordination. It is intended that all organizations involved in preparedness and response, including, but not limited to ARC, ARES, RACES, FEMA, Sky warn, Salvation Army, ERC, and Homeland Security will participate in the Disaster Communicators Forum (DCF) for the betterment of the whole.
The DCF Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Net meets every Sunday following the American Red Cross Communicators Net that starts at 6 PM Pacific Time. on EchoLink *DCF-ARC* Conference Node 336037 and IRLP Reflector 9257 which are linked together 24/7 to allow Echo link and IRLP nodes to communicate.

Ontario Provincial Communications Net

Ontario Provincial Communications Net
The Emergency Communications Ontario Association conducts the “Ontario Provincial Communications Net” every Sunday and Thursday evenings commencing at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on linked repeater systems that cover most of Southern Ontario. We also incorporate the use of IRLP Node 9035 the “Ontario Public Service Reflector” to extend our coverage for the entire province.(With 9005 as a backup!) All stations throughout Canada and the USA are welcomed and encouraged to participate in net activities.
Full details about the net can be found online by visiting

Civil Air Search and Rescue Association Net

Civil Air Search and Rescue Association Net
CASARA is the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association which are trained volunteers from all across Canada who offer their time and expertise in performing Searches in times of need. We train under many disciplines as Pilots, Navigators, Search Coordinators and Spotters and many have Amateur Radio as an addition to their avocations. The weekly net is to used to check in and exchange ideas between groups who are using new technologies such as IRLP and APRS to name a few, to trade off ideas to make the search techniques and communications between great distances that we cover more reliable. This forum is open to all interested parties and we have usual check-in’s from many of the eleven Units across Ontario and we hope that more across Canada will join us in the future.


Essex County DMR (DMR MARC)  - CXLD

Essex County DMR Society (DMR MARC)
Tuesday Night Net @ 9:00 pm ET
this evening on the Ontario talkgroup (3023) DMR MARC

UPDATE 3 May 2017  ::  the Ontario DMR net as we held on Tuesday evenings is no more. Bill VE3ES

Toronto Canada Amateur Radio Emergency Communications

For Amateur Radio Emergency Communications to have any value to anyone,
it must first operate as an organized network of stations.

- For many operators, they would have no Amateur Radio activity without the nets.
- Please support your local net with a check in.

- - DAILY NETS - - CQ - CQ -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- 11.00 am - Toronto ARES Morning Net - VA3GTU 145.130- (103.5)
- - - - - - - - - on Saturday use VE3TOR 146.940- (103.5)
- - - - - - - - - on Sunday use VE3TNC 147.270+
- 5.45 pm - Toronto ARES Mobile/Base Roundtable/Monitoring
- - - - - - - - - VA3GTU 2A 145.130- (103.5) (Not run on Sundays)
- 6.30 pm - NTS Open Line Net - VE3RPT 147.060
- 7.00 pm - NTS Phone Net - 3.742 MHz.
- 8.00 pm - Toronto ARES Net รข€“ See below for frequencies
- 7am-6pm - ONTARS 75 Meter Net - 3.755 MHz


D-Star Nets
as of June 13, 2015.

Full list at http://www. dstarinfo. com/nets. aspx
- Both primary reflectors with modes (and backups, if known) are noted.

For the D-Rats Ratflectors, select F)ile, P)references, R)adio, A)dd. Choose Network, enter desired name and ratflector, set port at 9000, click on S)ave.  Times are U. S. Central; last minute  cancellations may occur. Email changes to

Daryl Stout, WX1DER, Little Rock, Arkansas .